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Alban Metals & Recycling

Yarragon Victoria Scrap Metals Yard
Available For Pickup all Types Metals Recycling, Scrap Copper Min 100 KG Pickup,  Scrap Brass  Min 150 KG Pickup , Aluminium Scrap Min 500 KG Pickup, Scrap Stainless Steel Min 500 KG Pickup, Scrap Batteries Min 1000 KG Pickup, Lead Scrap Min 1000KG Pickup, PVC Wire and Copper Cable Min 500 KG Pickup, Heavy metal Scrap (Cast Steel) Min 2 Tons Pickup. Scrap Light Metal Min 2 Tons Pickup.

Don't forget , we pick up Scrap Metal Pressing from your door for free. If you deliver to us we will EFT the funds that day.
Scrap Metals and Copper Recycling Yard Victoria

Mon To Fri 8:00 to 5:00

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