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Alban Metals & Recycling

Copper Cable Scrap Recycling

You get more money from us because rather than trading copper cable scrap, we process the scrap ourselves making us 
completely independent of all other copper scrap merchants.

Most scrap copper merchants are simply collection yards who on-sell the copper to processing plants. By excluding extra fingers from the pie it means we can pass the extra money to you.


 “We will give you a better price for your scrap copper”
Albal Metals Recycling

8-10 Industrial Ct Yarragon Victoria 3823
      0414539470            ALI
      Mon To Fri 8:30 to 6:00
      Saturday    8:30 to 2:30  

Scrap Copper Cable Price Yarragon Victoria
Scrap Electric Cable Yard Yarragon Victoria
Scrap Electrician Copper Wire Yard Yarragon
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