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Alban Metals & Recycling

Scrap Metal and Recycling Center in Victoria

Correct Prices Tons of Scrap Copper & Scrap Brass In Victoria

 We Buy With Top Prices and Free Pick up Services all Scrap Metals In your Yard

Sell Tons of Scrap to Us and Make Money!

Scrap metal can impact the environment, adversely. Therefore, it needs to be handled with care. We have the expertise to recycle tons of used metal, ranging from copper, aluminium, brass, lead, batteries, iron and even wrecked cars/vehicles. Being a leading dealer of scrap metal in Melbourne and a participant of scrap supply chain, Alban Scrap Metals performs an indispensable service by ensuring that the end-of-life metals can be recycled and reused.           0414539470 Ali



We're Buyers And Instant payment Your Scrap Metals

Copper is one of the most valuable and most often recycled metals

Brass is used in a broad range of applications, you can frequently find scrap brass from sources such as locks, gears, bearings, doorknobs and valves

Sell to us your scrap Aluminium Pure Wire. Aluminium Pure Wire. Sell to us your scrap Aluminium Can. Aluminium Cans. Sell to us your Aluminium Cast Wheel Rims.

Stainless Steel Scrap Can Be Sold To A Local Scrap Metal Dealer in your local area. All information about selling your stainless steel scrap metal.


You can drop off collected Metal scrap and Batteries at our facility or we can arrange on-site collection bins for your convenience. Competitive pricing and quick 

metal recycling Industry encompasses a wide range of metals. The more frequently recycled metals are scrap steel, iron (ISS), lead, aluminium ...

Don't forget, we pick up scrap Iron from your door for free. If you deliver to us we will EFT the funds that day

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