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Alban Metals Recycling Yarragon

Sell PVC Cables, and Wires Scrap to Alban Metals & Recycling

Are you an electrician or electrical company with tons of wire scrap and have no idea where to dispose it?

You are not alone! Disposing of the useless PVC cables and wire scarp is a problem, but we have a solution.

Alban Metals & Recycling is one of the largest and fully licensed scrap metal company in the Melbourne And Victoria. We not only scrap the metal but also specialise in sorting, recycling, dismantling and processing a wide range of metals from electricians.

Copper is one of the most valuable metals in the recent times, and with increasing scrap copper prices in Melbourne, it is undoubtedly advantageous to sell your electrical scrap to an experienced company like us.

We provide a tailored scrap metal collection plan for industrial units like factories, warehouses or workshops.

We provide a wide range of services associated with collection, sorting, dismantling and recycling of electrical scrap metal.

Moreover, we recycle everything right from copper wires, aluminium scrap, brass wire scrap and other electrical materials. We collect and recycle tons of metal scrap from various electrical companies.

Reliable and Eco-friendly scrapping services.

We believe in providing reliable, eco-friendly and trouble-free metal scrap services. We offer an extensive electrical scrap clearance service that includes collecting tons of useless from various electrical companies.

Moreover, we follow the scrapping process with strict adherence to health, safety and environmental requirements. We have a team of well trained and skilled workforce to handled and manage the scrapping project with the utmost efficiency.

Please note that the worth of your scrap will depend on factors like purity, quality and weight.

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