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Scrap Copper and Brass Recycling Yard Yarragon

Alban Metals & Recyclingwill collect, sort, and recycle all scrap metal from the plumbing industry.

Sell Scrap Copper tubing, mixed brass, old lead pipes and other plumbing related items to Alban Metals & Recycling . We offer extensive services to the plumbing industry that includes the collection of the old pipes, hot water systems, gun metal scrap and other plumbing metal scrap.

We accept the following plumbing industry items:

  • Mixed Plumbers Brass

  • Lead Pipes

  • Stainless Steel

  • Gun Metal

We provide transportation services to collect the metal scrap from your plumbing company. It is our top priority to provide the optimum level of scrap metal recycling services large-scale plumbing companies.

We buy a variety of scrap that includes stainless steel, scrap whitegoods, brass, nickel, steel, aluminium, and wire. Moreover, we offer competitive prices for scrap metal and recycling programs tailored to suit your needs. You can make capital from your unwanted plumbing scrap!

As a professional scrap metal dealers in Melbourne & Traralgon Victoria we are equipped with the necessary resources to provide quick and effective pick up of almost any kind of scrap metal from your plumbing company that includes massive or large quantities.

Why Choose Persian scrap metal

We have vast experience and professional expertise to remove, transport, and recycle a wide range of metal scrap from the plumbing industry. Moreover, we also provide

  • Competitive recycling prices in the market.

  • We offer same day services for scrap and recycle products

  • We are equipped with public weighbridge facilities

  • We are storing precious metals in Australia For The future

  • We buy and Making ingots of plumbing scrap metal For use Australian Company

The worth of your scrap depends on purity, quality and weight.

Call us at 0414539470 for a free quote. Don’t let your scrap go to waste in a landfill – sell it to us for money!

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